NHRC asks for Assam’s response on its findings of violence-victims’ plight


New Delhi, September 25th, 2012

The National Human Rights Commission after considering the report of its team which was deputed to study the relief and rehabilitation measures in the camps set up by the Government of Assam in the violence affected three districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri has asked the Chief Secretary of the State to submit its response on the findings of the NHRC team. The Commission while giving eight weeks time for the State Government to respond has also called a report on the following:

” The number of people who are still staying in the various camps;
” Whether any Commission of Inquiry has been constituted by the State so far and any preliminary inquiry report filed? If so, a copy of the said report may also be furnished to the Commission;
” What concrete steps have been taken by the Government after the recent incidents to prevent recurrence of such violence in the State?”

Photo: ibtimes.com

Photo: ibtimes.com

A four member team constituted by the NHRC visited the Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri districts of Assam from 6th -9th August, 2012 and submitted a detailed report to the Commission. Some of the important findings of the NHRC’s investigation team are as follows:-

” All the relief camps were by and large over crowded;
” There was a wide difference in the actual and official figures of total inmates at the relief camps. This is creating problems in proper supply of food, ration and other amenities;
” At many places the inmates were found cooking their own food even while braving the lack of firewood;
” Hygiene and sanitation was not up to the mark;
” Drinking water, toilets, bathing facilities not enough to meet the requirement;
” Inmates including substantial number of children suffered from Malaria, Dysentery, Typhoid, Jaundice and the inmates complained that medicines being prescribed to them were proving ineffectual;
” Security was a principal concern and the inmates feared returning back to their villages;
” Hot and humid condition with lack of power supply, lighting and fans made the situation bad in many camps even as some of these were water logged, leaving almost no space for the inmates to even sit;
” Bedding in most of the camps was not provided;
” Children and women particularly were facing tough time: Women were not getting sanitary napkins, even as the district authorities claimed that these were being provided;
” The Government of Assam wide communication dated 03.08.2012 prescribed rupees one thousand (rupees five hundred for clothes and rupees five hundred for utensils for each family) in camps. However, during the interaction with inmates in camps, it was found that many families had not received any monetary assistance. In some cases only amount for clothes was received. Most of them complained that this amount was inadequate;
” It was also observed that there was no information on the exact number of deaths as well as disbursement of the amount to the next of kin of the deceased;
” One camp officer to look after such a large number of inmates at each camp was found to be grossly inadequate.

The information was released by NHRC Joint Registrar (Law) Mr A K Parashar.




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