Assam: NHRC asks reports on intimidation of human rights defender

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued direction to authorities in Assam calling for a report on allegations of abuse, threats and false case on human rights defender Mr Sishir Dey of Karimganj. The direction of NHRC came on a complaint filed by Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC) on 13 December 2017 after the voluntary organization came to know about the abuses and intimidation of the practicing lawyer and rights defender.

Sishir Dey

Sishir Dey

The abuse and intimidation came after Mr Dey posted a short satirical comment on facebook on 8 December 2017 denouncing terrorism in the name of Hindu religion and violent ideas of Hindu political groups. His comment was made in the context of a video of a gruesome murder of a migrant labourer in Rajasmand district of Rajasthan state on 6 December 2017 that was circulating on internet where one Shambu Raigar, the perpetrator, was seen boasting about the murder and claiming that he did it as a warning against inter-religious relationship which he called “love jihad”. For denouncing this heinous crime and display of barbarism, Mr Dey received vulgar abuses and outright threats of physical assaults and murder. A complaint was also filed at the Karimganj Sadar police station against Mr Dey.

It was apparent that Mr Dey was at risk of physical and mental harm from the supporters of concerned political groups as well as of harassment by the police. In the circumstances, BHRPC intervened and filed a complaint at NHRC and informed national and international groups dedicated to protection of human rights defenders including Human Rights Defenders Alert, India and Dublin based Front Line Defenders. BHRPC has also sent a separate communication to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders.

The direction of NHRC asking for reports within four weeks was communicated to BHRPC on 16 January 2018.


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