BHRPC condemns attack on Meghalaya editor Patricia Mukhim and demands immediate actions to bring the perpetrators to book


Press Release:

Silchar, 25 April, 2018

Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (HRPC) condemns with utmost reserve and fortitude the dastardly incident of throwing petrol bombs by a set of sponsored miscreants on 17 April 2018 on the home of Patricia Mukhim, a noted woman journalist, the editor of the Shillong Times, based at Shillong, Meghalaya. BHRPC is deeply concerned at the horrific and terroristic cowardice shown by masked attackers and their sponsors on a free thinker, a woman journalist and a social and feminist crusader, a defender of human rights in its noblest connotations, which is enough an indication that woman journalists are no longer safe and the freedom of press is under severe threats from various vested coteries. We are further aggrieved by the fact that the law enforcing agencies in the state of Meghalaya are not yet able to trace the culprits and failed completely in bringing them to book so far. Needless to say that both rule of law and constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression of a woman journalist and a renowned human rights defender lies tattered in this incident, raising serious concerns about future of fearless and independent journalism, which is a major source of defense of human rights.


Patricia Mukhim (Photo courtesy to Time8

Despite several condemnations in the media and civil society bodies, there is reportedly not much progress in giving justice to Kong Patricia Mukhim, as she is fondly addressed across Northeast of India and India in general. The human rights community across the region feels insecure at this massive failure of policing and ensuring security of writers, journalists, civil society activists and other such human rights defenders, who are always at the risk of being targeted by vested interests from the front and their sponsors from behind.

A fierce social critic, she is well known for her lambasting editorials and other Op-Ed pieces critiquing the mining lobby, vigilante groups who ostracize woman and other marginalized segments and even ethnic socio-political bodies for undermining democratic norms belonging to the Indian State of Meghalaya and beyond. If her voice could be silenced by threat and intimidation, these extractive economic and political forces would have a heyday in a resource rich state like Meghalaya and can carry on unabated mining  of coal, limestone and uranium at the irreparable peril of human and natural ecologies. Therefore, there is every reason to conjecture and see through the designs behind attacking her at her home, which fortunately missed the target by a wafer thin barrier. She as the survivor has undergone psychological stress and damage of her property due to the attack, which needs to be compensated in every possible ways by the Authorities concerned.

BHRPC, therefore, urges upon the authorities in the state of Meghalaya and in the Government at the Centre to adopt visibly strong measures to protect the life and liberty of women journalists of the Northeastern region in general and Kong Patricia Mukhim in particular. BHRPC also urges upon them to nab the culprits without further delay and inform the public of the progress made in arresting the culprits.

As a human rights group, BHRPC believes that it is the duty of the State to ensure fundamental rights of freedom of expression and right to dissent of all the journalists as human rights defenders and hence instance of such attacks on their lives indicates an ominous portent on the very face of the democracy. BHRPC, therefore, demands that visible and exemplary actions at setting the crime rights by bringing the culprits to book cannot any longer wait, else, the defenders of human right have to spring into democratic action to press for these legitimate demands.

Taniya Sultana Laskar

Secretary General


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