Assam: NHRC asks reports on intimidation of human rights defender

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued direction to authorities in Assam calling for a report on allegations of abuse, threats and false case on human rights defender Mr Sishir Dey of Karimganj. The direction of NHRC came on a complaint filed by Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC) on 13 December 2017 after the voluntary organization came to know about the abuses and intimidation of the practicing lawyer and rights defender. (Read more)

NHRC notice to the Government of Assam over allegations of harassment to the people in the name of verification of their nationality 

NHRC has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Assam after taking suo motu cognizance of the allegations reported in the media about the harassment being meted out to the people by the police in the name of verification of their nationality in the State. (Read more)

HRW calls for transparent investigation into Manipur killings and repeal of AFSPA

After the Supreme Court of India ordered a probe into Manipur fake encounter killings, international rights body Human Rights Watch urges the authority to ensure transparency in the investigation and also calls for the repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Power) Act, 1958. (Read more)

NAMHRR submits comments on the Draft State Population Policy, Assam

Human rights bodies flay administration over Kaziranga eviction  (Read more)

Human rights defenders assaulted and severely beaten up in Karimganj , NHRC moved (Read more)

Those responsible for mob-lynching of a rape accused in Nagaland must be brought to justice: AI  (Read more)

Voters of Silchar prepare their own manifesto  (Read more)

Government must heed Manipur panel’s findings and end impunity for fake encounters (Read more)

Poor state of juvenile justice in Assam: ACHR (Read more)

Rights group asks panel to remove prior-permission requirement clause (Read more)

Assam: Consultation held on human rights situation in Barak valley

NHRC asks for Assam’s response on its findings of violence-victims’ plight (Read more)

India: Proposed reform in criminal justice administration takes away basic human rights and freedom (Read more )

NHRC moved over custodial death and communal clash in Assam (Read more)

NHRC moved over harassment of activists in Assam (Read more)

NHRC seeks report on extra-judicial killings in Manipur (Read more)

UN recommends repeal of AFSPA (Read more)

India dodged recommendation for repeal of AFSPA: WGHR (Read more)

NHRC pulls up Assam over hunger deaths and rights violations (Read more)

NHRC to hear starvation deaths and rights violation cases in North East India (Read more)

Assam police charge a government doctor of raping his patient (Read more)

Inquiry ordered into death of a new born baby for alleged negligence of doctors (Read more)

Another death in starving tea garden of Assam (Read more)

Other civil society groups corroborate hunger deaths in Assam tea garden

Mega Dams In North-East India: Are They Necessary?

‘Assam police yet to achieve its legitimacy and lawfulness’, reports police body

The Assam government’s eviction drive in Karimganj violates human rights (Read more)

Indian reserve battalion soldiers assault a physician in Assam (Read more)

UN envoy asks India to repeal AFSPA and other draconian laws (Read his statement)

NHRC takes up Assam land-grabbing and destruction of forest case (Read more)

BHRPC submits cases of extra-judicial executions in Barak valley to the Special Rapporteur (Read the press release or read the full submission)

Two more deaths again in Assam tea garden (Read more)

Assam government’s actions in starvation deaths are inadequate and misleading (Read more)

Two more people died in Assam tea garden (Read more)

Situation of hunger deteriorates in Assam tea garden (Read more)

Rights group seeks probe into starvation deaths (Read more)

Swami Agnivesh writes to Assam CM on starvation deaths in Bhuvan valley (Read more)

Rights groups concerned over hunger situation in Bhuvan valley (Read more)

‘NAPM condemns arrest and harassment of anti-dam protesters in Assam’ (Read more)

People fast for repeal of AFSPA at Silchar, Assam. (Read more)

BHRPC to observe fasting and demonstration for repeal of AFSPA  (Read more)

BHRPC condemns attack on anti-AFSPA campaigners  (Read more)

BHRPC to continue its fight for human rights (Read more)

Rights groups demand release of Akhil Gogoi (Read more)

BHRPC to hold demonstration on Akhil Gogoi (Read more)

BHRPC denounces firing on deomnstration in Guwahati (Read more)

People fast for Jan Lokpal at Silchar, Assam (Read more)

BHRPC to fast to denounce crackdown on anti corruption protest (Read more)

ASCW issues notice to SP, Cachar concerning a case of domestic violence (Read more)

People of Barak valley march against corruption, demand Jan Lokpal Bill  (Read more) and (Read the invitation here)

BHRPC hails Supreme Court order granting bail to Dr. Binayak Sen

BHRPC files case at NHRC in the matter of assault on reporters at Assam University

BHRPC Statement Demanding Release of Dr. Binayak Sen and of Repeal Repressive Laws

BHRPC Statement on PM’s Zero-tolerance Policy on Human Rights Violations

Statement of Human Rights Groups on the Situation in Manipur

Statement of BHRPC Regarding False Charge, Illegal Detention and Torture of a Boy in Cachar, Assam by Army


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