1. BHRPC Reports:

                                        A. BHRPC Fact Finding Reports

                                        B. BHRPC Yearly Financial Reports

                                        C. BHRPC Annual Activities Reports

2. Reports by other human rights organisations

3. Reports by the Authorities

4. Reports by International Bodies

Besides striving for generation of awareness among the people about human rights in Barak valley, Legal intervention in specific cases, lobbying and advocacy etc., Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC) mainly works for documentation and monitoring of cases of violations and human rights situations. Documentation and monitoring require fact fiinding and results in production of reports. BHRPC, thus, produces fact finding reports on specific cases of human rights violations and situations. BHRPC also produces yearly reports on the state of human rights in the valley and beyond.

As an organisation working for the people BHRPC thinks it is necessary to make its activities and financial state known to the public at large and it produces, inter alia, Annual Reports for this purpose.

There are some other organisations which produces valuable reports on important matters. BHRPC also reproduces some of such reports that are thought to be relevant.

To meet the domestic legal and international obligations various agencies of the Government and other authorities produce reports ralted to human rights from time to time under pressure from the people or otherwise. BHRPC also reproduces some of such reports that are thought to be relevant.

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