Resource Books, Manuals and Other Training Materials

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Bengali and Assamese

Mandakini Devasher et al (CHRI 2009), Your Guide to Using the Right to Information Act, 2005 [Assamese, Bengali, & Manipuri ]


Handbook for Law Enforcement on Trafficking in Persons 2006

Created by Impulse and North Eastern Police Academy

Supported by the UNODC

The handbook was created to offer basic training to law enforcement personnel to help them combat human trafficking in their jobs. It aims to create knowledge and understanding among law enforcement, cultivate a victim-friendly attitude, train law enforcement in skills and techniques, and link and create skilled persons from multi-disciplinary professions. Planning for the handbook, a planning workshop was held, and multiple drafts of the handbook were made in 2006 and circulated to various people, organisations, and agencies for editing and revising. It includes input from nodal officers of anti-trafficking in the eight North East states, a core technical team, a technical team, NGOs, lawyers, academia, and the United Nations. It also includes feedback from the Director General of Police from North Eastern States Bureau of Police Research and Development Ministry of Home Affairs (BPRD), Government of India. The final draft was published September 2007. It includes information on the prevention of human trafficking in persons, investigating trafficking in persons, alternative strategies to combat trafficking in persons, guidelines for victim protection and ensuring successful prosecution of perpetrators, and rehabilitation. It also includes information on relevant legislation, Supreme Court cases, and involved agencies and organisations.

[ Download: Handbook for Law Enforcement on Trafficking in Person – 2006 ]

Manual for Trainer’s on The National Programme for Adolescent Girls [ Download ]

A Practical Guide to Governance, Legal Compliance and Financial Management for Non Profit Organisations in India [ Download ]


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