Urgent appeal: Include the excluded people in the citizens’ register (NRC) for Assam, India

On 30 July 2018 the Government of India published a draft register of citizens residing in the state of Assam. This draft register admittedly excluded more than four million people who submitted applications for inclusion of their names. These four million people are at the risk of being rendered stateless.

Many of the people who are at risk of being rendered stateless can be saved and included in the register if the procedure of dealing with, and disposing of, the applications are formulated keeping in mind the humanitarian aspect of the process. (Read more or Please sign the petition here)

Assam: Abuse, threats, intimidation and false case against human rights defender, scholar and writer Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee

Assam human rights defender and renowned literary theorist and litterateur of South Asia Mr. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee has been abused, threatened and booked for an article written by him exposing the discriminatory and arbitrary procedure of updating of National Register of Citizens (NRC). (Read more)

Urgent Appeal: Stop Move to Make Assamese Muslims Homeless & Stateless Sign our Petition NOW!

A humanitarian crisis is underway in Assam as you read this. The National Register for Citizens (NRC), a record of ‘legitimate’ Indian citizens living in Assam, is being updated for the first time since 1951. The ostensible objective is to weed out ‘Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants’. However, the numbers tell a chilling story… one of a conspiracy of ‘othering’ and exclusion. (Sign here)

Assam: Another arbitrary eviction drive in Kaziranga National Park renders hundreds of people homeless

On 12 February 2018 since 9:30 am in the morning hours there has been an indiscriminate demolition of khutis (bamboo huts of cattle herders) in the disputed territories of the 6th addition to Kaziranga. The villagers have recorded cases of harassment and torture of children and elderly persons alike who have been in their khutis to attend to their cattle. (Read more)

Urgent appeal regarding abuse and threats received by human rights defender Bondita Acharya (Take actions)

Urgent Appeal: Call 09266802178 to demand repeal of sedition laws (Read more)

Hunger Alert: Urge India to save her people from hunger deaths (Please support the tea workers and sign the petition here)

Urgent Appeal: Two more tea garden workers in Assam die from starvation while the government denies responsibility (Read more and take actions)

Urgent Appeal: Assam government failed to ensure the right to life with dignity of tea plantation workers leading to ten deaths. (See and sign the Appeal)

Urgent Appeal: An old man assaulted by the Central Reserve Police in Assam

Urgent Appeal: Journalists assaulted in Assam University, Silchar

Urgent Appeal: CRPF Wireless operator tortured by the superior for pursuing studies

Urgent Appeal: Assam police harass and threatened a rape victim (Read more and take action)

URGENT APPEAL: Police assaulted mother and daughter during mid-night at home (Read more and take action)

Urgent Appeal: Woman forced to quit job and denied justice after sexual harassment in Assam (Read more and take action)

Urgent Appeal Regarding an Incident Where Central Reserve Police Force open fire indiscriminately in a market place in Assam, killing one (Read more and take action)

Urgent Appeal Regarding an Incident Where Army raids a village, assault and molests women in Assam (Read more and take action)

Urgent Appeal Regarding Extortion and Harassment of Victim of Domestic Violence by Police in Assam (Read more and take action)

Urgent Appeal: Soldiers Beat a Family and Illegally Arrest and Torture a Young Man after Accepting Bribes in Assam (Read more and take action)

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