Cases of Human Rights Violations, which have been taken up by BHRPC, are under the process of documentation in International Standard Formats. However, brief description of a few of the cases are given here:

Assam: Christina Pyrtuh and her family assaulted, molested and driven away for anti-corruption works

Mrs. Christina Pyrtuh and her family were assaulted, molested and driven out of her home and village for protesting against corruption in implementation of schemes under the local area development fund of the member of legislative assembly (MLA) of Assam representing their constituency Katigorah in the district of Cachar in Assam. She also protested against malfeasance of funds meant for Indira Avas Yojana (now rechristened as Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojana). She and her family are now temporarily living in Meghalaya at great risks of danger to her and her children’s life and limbs. She and her family are being persecuted for her works of protest as a Human Rights Defender. (Read more)

Assam: Another arbitrary eviction drive in Kaziranga National Park renders hundreds of people homeless

On 12 February 2018 since 9:30 am in the morning hours there has been an indiscriminate demolition of khutis (bamboo huts of cattle herders) in the disputed territories of the 6th addition to Kaziranga. The villagers have recorded cases of harassment and torture of children and elderly persons alike who have been in their khutis to attend to their cattle. (Read more)

Assam: Custodial death of Hasan Ali and death of Mohidul Islam in police firing

Police picked up Mr Hasan Ali from his house on 9 January night on suspicion of possessing illegal weapons. He was hale and hearty at the time. After a few hours in police lock up, he died. It is believed that he succumbed to torture inflicted on him by police to extract confession and information. After getting information of his death in police custody, people of the locality gathered in front of Daula Police Station at around 11 am on 10 January. Police tried to disperse the people by charging them with batons and tear gas. However, after a while they opened fire and killed Mr.Mohidul Islam and injured several others. (Read more)

Assam NRC process drives citizens to death: Case of Hanif Khan

Mr Hanif Khan, a young man of about 37 years of age, committed suicide hours after first part of the draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC), which is in the process of being updated in Assam was published at midnight on 31 December 2017. The draft did not have his name as he feared. He was terrified that he lost his citizenship and as a result he would be sent to jail and would be subjected to torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment. All the local vernacular media as well as a section of the national media reported the incident. There is an atmosphere of fear and terror. (Read more)

Assam human rights defender Mr Sishir Dey abused, threatened and booked for comment over Rajasthan murder (Read more)

Assam: Human rights defenders intimidated and beaten up in Karimganj district allegedly by a government official and his hired goons  (Read more)

Custodial death of Ajijur Rahman and the situation that led to his death (Read more)

Indian reserve battalion soldiers assault a physician in Assam (Read more)

Forest dwellers deprived of their livelihood and facing forcible eviction due to land-grab in Assam (Read more and view photos)

Tea Labourers dying of hunger in Assam (Read more of the report and view photos of hungry and dying people)

Illegal raid and Intimidation of human rights defender, Seram Herajit Singha by the army in Assam, India (Read more)

A minor patient allegedly raped by government doctor in Cachar, Assam

Harassment and intimidation of editor and publisher of a little magazine in Silchar,  Assam

Reporters assaulted at Assam University, Silchar for covering students’ agitation

Labourer buried alive at an illegal stone mine in Assam (Read more)

Prisoner assaulted for protesting against corrupt practices in Silchar Central Jail in Assam

CRPF assaulted a senior citizen at his home in Assam

CRPF personnel tortured and ill-treated by his superiors in Assam

Assam police harass and threatened a rape victim

Police assaulted mother and daughter during mid-night at home

A working woman harassed and molested out of her job and denied justice

Ikbal Hussain: Fresh victim of extrajudicial execution in Assam

Car driver Fakhrul Islam ‘beaten to death by Assam police’ for speeding

Extra-Judicial Killing of Iskandar Ali of Bidruhipar, Cachar

BHRPC Fact-finding Report on Army Atrocity in Mohanpur, Hailakandi

Police Extort and Harass of Victim of Domestic Violence by Police

Soldiers Beat a Family and Illegally Arrest and Torture a Young Man after Accepting Bribes in Assam

Child in need of care and protection is taken into custody by the police

Para-military forces run amock in Silchar with impunity

Illegal Arrest, Torture of Civilians by Central Reserve Police Force Personnel

Assault on human rights defenders in Hailakandi, Assam

False cases filed against human rights defenders

Harassment and intimidation of BHRPC member by police

Rape in Silchar Medical College Campus

Assault on Journalists Facilitated by the Wilful Negligence and Abetment of Police

Murder of Leela Begum and Subsequent Harassment of Her Mother

Fake Encounter Killing of Jamir Uddin by CRPF Personnel

Police Opens Fire, Injures Minor and Subsequently Arrests Him

Destruction of Police Post by Police themselves and Subsequent Atrocity on Villagers

Custodial Torture and Death of Motahir Ali

Death of Pia Das and Harassment of Kiran Sharma in the Hands of Police

Extra-Judicial Killing of Hashmat Ali by Assam Police in His House

Custodial death of Islamul Hoque Choudhury

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